Sunday, August 30, 2009

..:: Alone ::..


i spend

3 days of my holidays


in my room

doing nothing


half finishing all the assignment

watch movies and dramas

enjoy Independent's Day



Happy Independent's Day everyone

may God would always bless Malaysia

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm tired of the same ol' story

I hate people


make promises


didn't fullfill that promises

I hate people


didn't even know how to read a msg or text with care

I hate people


cannot arrived on time

I hate people

who think only them the only 1


got other commitment

I hate people


other persona in front of me


became the other persona

in front of someone else

Thinking of playing the same role everyday makes me tired of becoming human being

Eventhough lives full of happiness, joy, sadness, misery etc.,

no need to bark them as if you the only one in the word with problems

other people with unfortunate lives who does not even have health and wealth

is sadder than your events

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I don't really undrstand people

I don't really understand people

why must we became friends but at the time they betray you

why must people make a promise but in the end they broke it

why must people says that they are busy but at the same time I saw that they just hang out

doing nothing

why must they be in love but in the end they still alone

why must people say that they are alone but there are people out there more alone than them

why must make an enemy out of people but at the same time you the one who make a mistake

why must we need someone

why must we need love

why must sometimes we want a friends

why must sometimes we want to be alone

but people have there own way of thinking

hate to be hypocrite but at the same time you still doing it

this world is like a stage

we act on it

we ourselves color it

no one else


human are full of emotions

some we need to share

some we cannot share

some need to be told

some cannot be told


human is weak against emotion

just like guys weak against tears

girls weak against their lover confession

emotions need to be control

not emotions control us

and we became a human with no dignity

just talk about 'crap things'

but did not aware that what you saying

make people hate

make people want to vomit

make people forget

make people befriend you

just to use you

because they know that you good at something

they monopolize you

without you knowing it

in the end

no need to talk about people who take advantages of you

it just showing that

you are weak against promises

against sweet talk

against love

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nooooo Idea


is a

beautiful thing that woman love

they give people inspire

in life

in love

in memory

and in everything they do

Saturday, August 1, 2009

..:: Lazy ::..


too lazy to finished all my assignments n reports n homework


to lazy to hold the pen

to lazy to write anything


ain't got any ideas to write for the reports and all