Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rapunzel, let down your hair!!!

No, no, no, no.. it got nothing to do with Rapunzel

..or, it does? it's more towards the HAIR (rambut)

when I was taking my bath just now (oi, 'awal'nye anak dara mandi =.=''), and I was thinking..

"Owh, how I was so rindu towards my long hair T_T"

Yes, yes, yes and yes.. I cut my hair like a 2 or 3 months ago.. why? I feel kinda messy and its difficult to go to bath and wash ALL that hair and its also difficult to sleep you know...? with ALL tangling in all places.. so I cut it at only RM 7.00 back in my hometown... *quite cheap >.<

Well, my siblings got long straight hair... genetic I suppose 'coz my mum n dad got straight hair..

My friend always telling me "Jeles giler ngan rambut ko, lurus semacam like anak patung"

I was like, go to the mirror, and say "xlah..."

My younger sister also sometimes telling that her roomates back in MRSM always 'puji' her hair which I always telling her "Potong jew la rmbut tu, kn susah nk gi kelas ngan rmbut pnjang mcm tu"

Her answer is: Eleh, akak pown dulu mcm tu +.+''

Me: *Speechless -.-'' same goes to what I say to my mum dulu2 : Eleh, masa mak muda dulu boleh jew rambut panjang...

Heh, it goes back to you Miss..hihihihi~

But, I must say Bersyukur kerana diberi anugerah and rahmat-Nya

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