Sunday, January 31, 2010

:: Yes...yes ::

Warrghh!!!! kat mne nak cri artikel n journal yg sentuh pasal learning style????!!!! Tesis oh tesis!!!

Ade tu mmg de...... tp.......

*Tengah tertekan dengan assignments yg semakin bergunung*

*Saya lapar!!!!!*

Bengang dengan sesetengah pihak yang terlalu taksub dengan politik kampus

pastikah jika anda memegang jawatan sebagai wakil pelajar,

anda akan bersuara atas pihak mahasiswa atau kepentingan sendiri?

laptop wat hal plak tyme2 ak tgh rajin siapkan assignment nie...geram! geram!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

:: MoviE tiMe ::

Enjoy good movie (s) everyone

For me..... YES !!!

On Friday 22/1/09 I don't have any tutorial class


movie lah....

actually want to watch Sherlock Holmes but Avatar is so tempting and my MME

'talk' us into watching it 'coz the CGI is good and bla bla bla....

Summarize from the story :

Good story but I hate watching movies that good people dies

Then, today 24/1/09

watch my 'boyfriend' in action man!!!!


Love you Robert Downey Jr. n Jude Law

*although Dr Watson is so fake* hahaha~

I'm dying to watch them in cinema

not boring movie or I didnot notice the boring part b'coz I'm go

gaga over Sherlock (Robert Downey Jr)?

well, never mind <3

Right, fun week is over

Busy week is right in the corner

many assignment or project due next week

But, I did only a bit of this

a bit of that~

Try to finish it ok sis?

*thanks to Google images for the pics*

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

:: Good Time ::

Enjoying life is not a sin

But there is a limit to that

It goes as same as me

Yesterday (Sunday)

Spend enjoy and happy and laugh and 'hate'

at Midvalley

Even though I'm not a Bowling person..

it's fun watching the old + new friends boiling their bowling <3

Eat lunch together 'till crying = to much laughing

eat McD's ice cream in front of Isetan entrance at The Gardens

*we buy the ice cream at McD's Midvalley*

cannot 'enjoy' the KTM ride 'cause it's full

*I respect laaaa France woman <3*

go to the Chocolate Fair at Mid

*almost had a headache 'cause smell toooo much of chocolate*

Enjoy the stupid jokes

*makan dari air liur suami itu berkat*


Thanks for the friendship that we shared even though it only last when we in university life


Monday, January 4, 2010

:: New Chapter ::

Entering the 3rd week of studying in UKM

The class start at 8.00 am

8.00 am

soooo lazy to wake up in the morning and the water soooooo cold

hectic day....


sleepy day....

lazyness still lurking....

Need to study for tomorrow's tuturial class

also 8.00 am