Saturday, October 31, 2009

:: Gravitation ::

In the Moonlight - Kotani Kinya

ORENJI iro tsukiyo ga kuruto kimi no koto o omoi dasu
kakko tsuketa ore no SERIFU wa hoka no dare kano SERIFU de

fui ni miageru SHIRUETTO kimi no yokogao o terashita
awai hikari wa ima demo

nani o matteru kimi wa inai heya
tokei dake ga ashi oto no youni nemurenai mune ni hibiku
ima mo matteru hitori tomatteru
futari mita anohi no tsuki o ima dokode kimi wa miteru

ore no shigusa manete waratta kimi no koe mo omoi dasu
kimi to aruku yoru no SHIIN wa ORENJI iro PHOTOGURAFU

kage ni otoshita uso to ore no wagamama o yurushita
kimi no namida ga ima demo

nani mo iwazuni toki wa nagareru
yagate kuru asa no hisashi ni tokeru youni sora ni kieru
saigo no yoru wa doko ni mo nakute
okizari no ore no kokoro o tsuki dake ga ima mo miteru

kimi o matteru tooi omoi demo
tokei dake ga ashi oto no youni nemurenai mune ni hibiku
ima mo matteru hitori tomatteru
futari mita anohi no tsuki o ima dokode kimi wa miteru

[English Tranlation]

When an orange-colored moonlit night comes, I think of you,
as though the chic affectations in my words were someone else's words.

Even now, (I can remember) the pale light
that illuminated your silhouette as you suddenly glanced up (at that night's

What is it I'm waiting for, in this room without you --
it's just the clock's ticking, but it resonates in my sleepless heart like
the sound of footsteps.
Even now I'm waiting; I stop here alone.
From where do you now see the moon we saw together on that day?

My behavior made a mimicry of laughter, even when I remember your voice.
The scene of the night when we walked around together is (now) an orange-colored

You forgave the lies that fell from the darkness and my selfishness,
but your tears, even now...

Without saying a word, time flows on;
the sky is extinguished by the light of the morning that's coming soon,
like it melts away.
On that last night, no matter where it is,
only the moon looks at my deserted heart even now.

I'll keep waiting for you, no matter how far apart we are --
it's just the clock's ticking, but it resonates in my sleepless heart like
the sound of footsteps.
Even now I'm waiting; I stop here alone.
From where do you now see the moon we saw together on that day?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

:: Just Don't ::

Some people says that I'm unapproacable kind of person

Some says that I'm talkative

Many says that I know what I want to do

Many says I'm a bit clueless

A lot say I'm cute (?)


judging a person just for their way of talking in front of you

does not make that person kind or better than your enemy

Don't judge people just because they share so-call same interest with you

because that person might someday stab you in the back

Do not fall just for the "sweet" words

You need to think better

Because you yourself call 'scholar'

But it is true that you are a scholar???

Did not come to class, did not do your assignments n yada yada yada...

You think you are better???

Think about it...

Don't put more fire in already overheating atmosphere

Don't act stupid

Don't make me angry with you for just the lame reason

I'm neutral

I will not back up anyone

I will not share the 'fight'


don't make an enemy out of me

because you don't know the real me

think again before you act

and that goes for me too

p/s: 1530 pm got exam but wth I still blogging?!

Monday, October 19, 2009

:: 100th posting = Besday ::

Happy Birthday to Me...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yup.... it fall on the same day of my besday the 100 posting...


It is okay if I buy a birthday cake for my own birthday celebration???

Thanks to all my friends who wish 'Happy Birthday' to me..

and two of my friends (cannot tell...hihihi) who give me presents and 'belanja' me dvd anime...


love you uolzzzz.......

Do I think I'm getting old???

Not sure...but still cute...hahahaha~

More mature???

Depends on the types of the things that matured in....

How about special someone????? comment about that...

Anyone who want to be my bf....msg me....

lalala~ *kidding*

A bit sad b'coz cannot celebrate my besday with my family....

Next Monday my dad n cousin besday....

so many people celebrate their besday in October yeah....


Saturday, October 17, 2009

:: Saturday Fever ::

it's not that I have a fever

it's just that I plan to


Pengurusan Emosi

{Emotion Management}

Japanese Language

finish a bit of Academic Reading presentation



enjoy the boring day

in my room


listening to all my favorite songs

the group that I will be addicted forever



UverWorld *currently addicted to Koishikute*

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

:: untitle ::

nothing much

just wanna tell that

I try to make my mind and body

focusing on my study

examination is around

playing not much can to to it

sleep, lack of it

study week....

got two presentations...

one presentation fall on my birthday


Sunday, October 11, 2009

:: As the coming moment ... ::

Yup, exam is just around the corner

just study a bit....

still not in the mood to study

when will in come???

well, I need to brace myself and start study bit by bit

SKBE 2113 Oral Comm Strategies No Final Exam

SKSE3143 Sejarah Peradaban Dunia 27/10/09 12.00 PM

ZZZT2253 Pengurusan Emosi 28/10/09 3.30 PM

SKVA2713 Bahasa Jepun Asas 1 3/11/09 8.30 AM

SKBE2943 Academic Reading 4/11/09 8.30 AM

SKBE2013 Academic Writing 12/11/09 3.30 PM

p/s : why writing paper da last paper..and the gap is 1 week???

Saturday, October 10, 2009

:: Happy Holiday ::

Happy? not really...right now I'm alone in by room~

Just got back from lunch with you-know-who ...hahaha~

Plan to study 'a bit' ....

Finish assignment 'a bit'

Do homework 'a bit'

Clean the room 'a bit'

Sleep.....a lot...hahaha~

That's all... and

Can't wait for my birthday on ............. hihihi~

finally will be 21 ~

Getting old??? can't tell.....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

:: Just say "No" if you can't make it ! ::

Why sometimes when people ask your favor about something you can't help but fall to that person words and help or accompany her/him?

If you can't make it, just say "I can't". That's all I need to hear.

And, if you received a message that asking your help or any kind of favor, reply it even it take 2 or 3 hours later for you to reply it. Do not make people live in uncertainty. Just reply it eventhough your answer is negative for that favor. JUST REPLY!!!

Thus, if you can't take up that promise or word or what-so-ever, just say "NO" with words that didn't hurt that person much. Learn to think what other people feelings for a bit, for god's sake...

Monday, October 5, 2009

:: Accidental Emotion ::

When I listen back to the song that I used to love in the past, suddenly the emotion started to sparks~ I feel sorry for the character because the one he love is the most egoist man that would not succumb to love because of the bad past that would always surround him.

I think, what happen if I'm in his place. What would I do to get the love and trust of the person I love? Am I strong enough to face the reality of life and love that full of adventures? Can I...?

It is not about love but the commitment that need to be given to make that love would always there eventhough sometimes people tend to ignore it.

Telling "I love you" is easy but do you really mean it when you say it? Is there the deep-love-emotion there is your heart?

Listen to the truth of your heart

It will guide you

with help from the God

p/s: a bit from what I want to talk in my Rhetorical Speech for Oral Comm Strategies test

Sunday, October 4, 2009

:: Upgrading Life ::

"Getting involved in something important that would certainly make us get in touch with other people is call relationship that created the bond that not easily broken eventhough we might didn't get the chance to meet again in the future. Getting in the circle of relationship need something call commitment that would help us in guiding the relationship into the next round or step. Talking to some-new-friend or old acquaintance need something call courage, if not the thing that we want to convey cannot be understand by the people or they might misinterpret it. Back stabbing your own friend who give their complete trust to you is just so mean. Is it just because you want the attention that you didnot get, you try to destroy other people life? Is your life not perfect enough that you want to make other people life that "follow your own pace" like a chaos? You got the face, the personality, the brain, the perfect special someone and the perfect family...what else you want...? someone else life that not-so perfect???"

"The fate of life would guide you to the truth of life that full of colours. It is you that can shape that colour whether to make it full of light or dark with hatred. It is in your own hand. I only help you my teach you how to control that big power in your body, in the end it is you...but you need to remember, you would lose your life because of that power. So, you need to use it wisely, don't use it just to help others but use it to help even you yourself...the Book of Fate says that the Chosen One from the past can only help the people she love by sacrificing half of the people she love including about you? can you change it? The fate...."

"so tell me tell me the reason why...
you break my heart...
and make me cry..."

"She make all of them like that....there is no way I can forgive her! She promise me that she would protect him no matter what! Now, look what happen?! I hate her 'till I see her become like that also...I hate her from the bottom of my heart, I hate her!!!"

"Become interested in someone is easy, but fall in love is like once in the life time, you need to treasure it the rest of you life."

"We promise you that we would protect you from any harm, so it is the moment right now. We did not regret it. So, just do the thing that most important to you...protect the one you love, just like what we are doing."

"Sacrificing your own life for someone you love is not a bad thing. It show how far we want to go just to show what we can or would do just to avoid the special someone get in danger. Telling others that you are fine, but the truth is you are bleeding inside...just didnot want others know that you actually weak inside and outside...but you try your best..just to make people around you happy and eventhough they hate you. It's okay, as long as you can make the life of the people you love full of happiness and they would always always always smile. It doesnot matter you would sacrifice your own happiness or your own life for their happiness."

"I did not belong here. I did not even qualify to be here. The only reason I'm here just because it is my fate to help them and it is my responsibility to bring back their smile that once lost because of the human greed itself. I myself cannot choose my own life and my happiness but at least I can choose how my life ends."

"She sacrifice her own body and soul just to change the fate...eventhough she did it, in the end...she will always be alone..just like the time when she come one would cry even when she it???!!!"

p/s: here is what I plan to put in y so-call-future novel...hahaha....not my life okay~

Thursday, October 1, 2009

:: till now ::

yup...ramadhan already it still syawal....month to celebrate the winning to fight all the bad deeds and wrong doing....
I don't fell like to post any story or pictures that telly or piccy about what happen during the sem break and Hari Raya holiday...just don't feel like it..maybe when I feel like it, I post it....
after the break...ALL the assignments says "Welcome we baby~" or something like that...hahaha~
quizzes also like's frustrating but not the assignment to blame me and myself because very very lazy and not in the mood to do all of it from the beginning...
tommorrow got rehearsal for rhatorical speech..I talk about LOVE....yup, something that I would never think about..daaa~ it never really happen in my almost 21st year of life...admiring people, yes but not fall in love...actually I'm not someone who can easily that guy is handsome or nice or sweet or anything but it just sometimes it slip out without notice...arrghh!!! what I'm babling about here!!! just talk about the assignments not my love life...!!!
a bit tension..a bit?'s actually very tension with all the assignments and quizess and uni life but life must go the fate of life, right?
when I start remembering about book or books, it is the 3rd time I forgot to return back the library book...overdue....maybe next time don't borrow anything la...~

here is the baju raya for this year....

pretty right? hahaha~