Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rapunzel, let down your hair!!!

No, no, no, no.. it got nothing to do with Rapunzel

..or, it does? it's more towards the HAIR (rambut)

when I was taking my bath just now (oi, 'awal'nye anak dara mandi =.=''), and I was thinking..

"Owh, how I was so rindu towards my long hair T_T"

Yes, yes, yes and yes.. I cut my hair like a 2 or 3 months ago.. why? I feel kinda messy and its difficult to go to bath and wash ALL that hair and its also difficult to sleep you know...? with ALL tangling in all places.. so I cut it at only RM 7.00 back in my hometown... *quite cheap >.<

Well, my siblings got long straight hair... genetic I suppose 'coz my mum n dad got straight hair..

My friend always telling me "Jeles giler ngan rambut ko, lurus semacam like anak patung"

I was like, go to the mirror, and say "xlah..."

My younger sister also sometimes telling that her roomates back in MRSM always 'puji' her hair which I always telling her "Potong jew la rmbut tu, kn susah nk gi kelas ngan rmbut pnjang mcm tu"

Her answer is: Eleh, akak pown dulu mcm tu +.+''

Me: *Speechless -.-'' same goes to what I say to my mum dulu2 : Eleh, masa mak muda dulu boleh jew rambut panjang...

Heh, it goes back to you Miss..hihihihi~

But, I must say Bersyukur kerana diberi anugerah and rahmat-Nya

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Letter,

Dear my blog,

Why is is that when I wrote Ini Saya as to represent myself the only word came up is 'Ini' ...

Thank you

Monday, July 11, 2011

Selepas Bermonths

I'm back ...


Sbb xde bnde nk buat? *tipu

Sbb 'masih 'berkurung' di UKM


Sbb tetibe x ckp jam kredit n kne ambk lg 1 UNIT =.=''

and still waiting for another round of seeking respondents for my job as an enumerator
*whats that???

GOGGLE it, daaa..... !!!

nape update trus nk brcerite? nape x explain nape (?) x blogging???

nape??? nape??? nape???

wait for the next posting.. bnyak cite nie