Tuesday, September 15, 2009

..:: Celebration :: Selamat Hari Raya ::..

Ramadan almost ends

Syawal is around the corner

together we celebrate the festival day

may our life full of happiness and joy

Sunday, September 13, 2009

..:: What L.O.V.E. means ::..

When people start to feel something or affection or soft feeling towards someone that makes their heart beating faster than usual. their body feel warm and feel some kind of beautiful feeling running through their veins....it's call..........

Yup,love does not mean towards a person or a human from the same or opposite gender....love has it's own variety that brings a humble feeling....love towards family, friends, religion, nations, and nature have its own doing what make think about love. the feeling that we felt at that moment makes us stronger unconsciously and give a person strength to face the reality of life that full of drama that would certainly color their world with many experiences that make them learn about the human world.

Choose the right path while we in love is the most crucial thing....whether is will bring happiness or misery. The path of love is something that is choose by our own believe, the eternal happiness or eternal misery and grief. Love is not something that you can buy at the shop across the street or anywhere...you need to find it....seek it....learn from it....make it happen like it will always be there for you...like the love for the Creater. He will be there always, help you, guide you, support you, show you the right path of seeking the light of truth and forgive for your wrong doing or sin as long as you know what you did is wrong.
find someone that would always be there for you..in happy, in sad, in misery, in winning and every feeling that you feel...the person you love would always always always beside you...

Experiencing the feeling of love is not a sin but the path that you choose from the love itself is the one that would bring you the greatest happiness. Do not afraid to tell someone that you love what you feel about them, it's their choice whether to accept your feeling or rejected it...it's not a sin to feel in love but it's a sin to make people become yours when you lying to them...back stabbing your friend to rule over their lover or drown yourself in the sea of sin~

Accept the feeling of love before it's to late to realise that someone beside you is the special someone that would bring eternal happiness to you...

p/s: what I wrote got nothing to do wit me..just some of the things that I want to say during rhetorical speech for my subject assignment...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

..:: When I fall in loVe with a CaKe ::..

the cake is Kek Batik with milo and coco

very very very yummy~


it also got heart shape deco~

very very very yummy~

I break my fast with this cake as a dessert


I eat alone..isk!

but the cake accompany me while reading Interval and facebooking and finishing my assignments~

Saturday, September 5, 2009

:: I can't choose ::

About an hour ago my classmate back in high school invited me to join him and his friends for 'berbuka puasa' next saturday. It's not like I don't wanna go but I feel a little bit akward in front of all his friends.. eventhough they all also UKM students but they ALL 3rd year students weh~ and as me myself already know (daaa...), he from FKAB and only some of them from FST and FEP~ it means only 3 flowers and about I don't know how many of guys~ what a laugh and nervousness~ yup~ iIm actually not really comfortable in front of a guy or guys eventhough they are my friends~ it's not really my style to spend whatever moment just the two or three or whatever number of us~ it's scary man! and and and ..........hah! I cannot say it...ok......I just tell~ it's make me go " what???!!!" yup yup yup......you might think I'm crazy~ what tha' h**l this girl thinking~ like she never been talking to guys before...but but but...i'm not use to it..yet~ yup yup yup...there used to be guys go gaga because of me~ but I just treat them as F.R.I.E.N.D.S nothing more nothing less~ okey, back to the main topic~ it's not like i'm afraid or whatever~ it's just just just it's scary sometimes to make new friends especially guys (in my context's of thinking) laa~ but....I think I'll go~ people already invited me ~ nothing I can say about it anymore and I already agree to it and maybe I can take advantages of this upcoming new friendship (not love)~ hahahaha~ and I miss to 'kacau kacau' my friends~ I like to scandalized h** ~ hehehe~ but I'm actually the type of person who would speak less in front of people I just know unless I feel some link or connection (not love) to them and then iIwould talk and talk and talk and make jokes that i think not really funny~

the 2nd topic is...why i to 'rajin' post a new posting in my blog??? because i'm tooooo lazy to finish all my assignments...hahaha....hope tonight i have the 'hidayah' to do it..even just half of it~ lalalala~


More Assignments !!!




got three days of holidays

right now

i try my best to finish up

japanese homework first

then other


would follow up


to life full of assignments

Thursday, September 3, 2009

:: Head Over Hell @ Heel ::


i'm totally 'in love'

will all my assignments

start with all the writing report that need to be hand in before

Raya Holiday



and it's Ramadhan time

tiring but it's all the challenge that I need to face this month

need to find Journals' articles

need to go to PTSL like....

more than once perweek


so 'rajin' of me

I wish good luck to my friends and me myself also

hang on guys!!!