Friday, November 13, 2009

:: It's Holiday Moment ::


here comes the moment that every student's dream of


after the struggling weeks of study and Exams

now we as a student can enjoy the days

without having to worry about...







I hope that the new semester that will/would come

can bring many many many happy memories rather than bitter

hope the friendship that being created over the years

doesn't end because of a misunderstanding, back stabbing or fight

Let all bygones be bygones

and make the memory as a momentum(?) to create a better

bonding or relationship in the future

Have more 'fire' to do all the assignments

Have the faith to succeed in all we doing

Have the courage to face all the obstacle in life

And survive in the jungle of human life

Because it is interesting to be in the group of people who have their own personality

and being amuse by it and sometimes be frustrated by it

But, it is the reality of life

Enjoy it while it's last

You will miss it when it's gone

I have about 5 weeks or 1 month and 1 week to enjoy my holiday and me a 'housewife' at home


training to be a wife(?)


just want to sharpen my cooking skill because it's been a long time since I came to University

that I touch the "kuali", "senduk" and blablabla....

Hope to enjoy the holiday by sleeping

Waking up late

Watch the television 24/7

Watch anime

Read manga(s)

Fight with my siblings

Spend a holiday with my family

And the list goes on and on and on.....

Find the special someone(?)

Err...... no comment about that

Okay....that's all folks(?)

or readers

"till we meet again

:: Sayonara ::

Monday, November 9, 2009

~Ai no Kaze~

Not enough time

or wasting to much time

The 'tsubasa' will always be there

'Kaze' also help in calming the mind

Aka no Kakera

*what rubbish I'm crappy about?!*

Me myself didn't even know thou

Got a few day 'till my last exam = Academic Writing

not in the mood to study or to lazy


Spirit of the wind

be with me

My beloved one

Hug and kiss me

Even in your dream

Make me the first and the last of your love

*crappy again*

Stop it.... don't even think about that guy

You might (definitely) will dream about him in your sleep


Saturday, November 7, 2009

:: A Few(?) days without Exam ::


nothing to gain when doing nothing

but got to enjoy the things that I can't do

what the heck???

never mind about that

Spend the 'holiday' by watching anime

"Monochorome Factor"


"Natsume Yujinchou"


"The Mars Day Breaker -Wieder-"

-half finish-*eventhough the guys is all hansamu but bored kind of story*

"Ella Enchanted"

-just finish-



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

:: 1 week without ExAm ::


a week without exam

today got academic reading paper

sooooooooooooo cold

in Ktams

go out exactly at 10.45am right before the 'Ketua Pengawas'

say "Anda mempunyai 15 minit lagi sebelum masa tamat bagi kertas SK.....bla bla and bla...

heee........that 'Ketua Pengawas' = lady just look at me when I go out

What??? I get up from my seat just before you say the word right?

Cannot blame me....

My final paper is 12/11/09

That's mean

I got 1 week gap

what to do

what to do

what to do


watch anime


dream anime


sleep anime


everything anime



what to watch


tell you later........


ah...another thing..... why certain people (from my thinking) seems to or want to

avoid her/himself from me???

didnot reply the message

didnot respond to anyhing


yeah..seem so or just don't feel like meeting me or other people?

Don't make people misjudge you just like what they already did

Think about it a little

You can hide but you cannot run from the realiy of life

It will always hunt you 'till your last breath...