Thursday, December 31, 2009

:: Last Post ::

Joining a new breath of air

The new year of 2010

The years that soon will be full of many memories


the memories that already being created in the past years

Enjoying the ride of emotions

With many obstacles

The up and down as a university student's

The friends or enemy that pass by

The season of having the memory lasted

as unforgettable

as lively

as happy

as a child smile that is so innocent

who does not know yet the reality of life as an adult

Celebrating the end of year full of memory with a smile not with an hurtful face

Monday, December 28, 2009

::Reality of Life::

When we take about life, it about the things that we do everyday. The relationship between human. It does not matter if the know each other or not. It just the bond that being created together. We talk. We smile. We cry. We eat. It's all life. The stage of life will never ends even if that person dissappear from this world. Death. There always someone else being borned and start anew circle of life. Experiences the ups and down of the world. Full of everything. Sweet. Bitter. Love. Betrayal. Getting know people. The so-call human. With different face and characters. Honest. Liar. Kind. Selfish. Humble. Hypocrite. The spice of the world call life.

The air we breath is the same. Oxygen. It does not matter where you are standing. Just the quality of the oxygen different. Human is the same. Even if they need to sacrifice something important in their life, they still do it. For the sake of the the person they care about. Sacrifice and let go of everything that they achieve. For the happiness. That is one of the wonderful trait in human vein.

Sometimes human cannot understand other human being unless they said what in their mind clearly. Then, others can understand what they want or do not want. Sometimes, things cannot be told just like that. It need to be keep in the mind. As a secret. But, that person who hurt you need to understand other feeling also before making or push others to understand you. Learn to respect others. Learn how to stand on your own feet. Learn the reality of life. Yes, we can do things by our own pace but there is a limit to that. Do not make an enemy out of people. Try to avoid it. Do not feel proud of what you have now. It not always stay the same. Change the way you present yourself.

As a human being that is weak against temptation, we need to stand up to our own decision. Do not make other influence you to do things that against your nature. The way of your upbringing. Do not forget your root. Remember it. Even if you make a mistake, take it as a lesson. Learn from it. Make it as something valuable in your life.

Lastly, stop for a minute to listen carefully to other people request. Do not make everything that you hear is negative. Try to fulfill the request as best as you can. If you cannot help, reject it politely. Try you best to not the other person feeling as best as possible. You cannot make people follow your every command when you just reject their request harshly. You can have their help but do not expect for their respect.

It will be a reminder to myself also.

The end.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

:: New Week ::

Tomorrow will start the new week that is the 2nd week of my 2nd semester of 2nd year 2009/2010. Life is easy (?). Not really. It tough actually. with many things that need to be fix including my grade, motorcycle, laptop, my attitude, my way of talking and my laziness to STUDY. Hehehehe........

Class on Monday start at 11 am..still okay....

But... the other days the class start at 8 or 9 early but I think it still okay 'cause got free time after 3 pm for myself to sleep, to study, to flirt (?) and blablabla.....

Want to watch "Kimi ni Todoke" but the internet sooooooooo slow so cannot frustrated....haih~~~~~

Till then....tata

Monday, December 21, 2009

:: New Season ::

I'm back


No class started yet

Still tired


miss home

cannot watch my favourite television show anymore

study! study! study!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Easy life at home



watch anime

read manga

watch television

sleep again

eating again

watch anime again

read manga again

watch television again

again again again

student's life

when will I be back???

in another 2 weeks maybe

soooooo loooong

easy life at home

easy life at UKM

easy life as a human

enjoy it while I still can


Friday, November 13, 2009

:: It's Holiday Moment ::


here comes the moment that every student's dream of


after the struggling weeks of study and Exams

now we as a student can enjoy the days

without having to worry about...







I hope that the new semester that will/would come

can bring many many many happy memories rather than bitter

hope the friendship that being created over the years

doesn't end because of a misunderstanding, back stabbing or fight

Let all bygones be bygones

and make the memory as a momentum(?) to create a better

bonding or relationship in the future

Have more 'fire' to do all the assignments

Have the faith to succeed in all we doing

Have the courage to face all the obstacle in life

And survive in the jungle of human life

Because it is interesting to be in the group of people who have their own personality

and being amuse by it and sometimes be frustrated by it

But, it is the reality of life

Enjoy it while it's last

You will miss it when it's gone

I have about 5 weeks or 1 month and 1 week to enjoy my holiday and me a 'housewife' at home


training to be a wife(?)


just want to sharpen my cooking skill because it's been a long time since I came to University

that I touch the "kuali", "senduk" and blablabla....

Hope to enjoy the holiday by sleeping

Waking up late

Watch the television 24/7

Watch anime

Read manga(s)

Fight with my siblings

Spend a holiday with my family

And the list goes on and on and on.....

Find the special someone(?)

Err...... no comment about that

Okay....that's all folks(?)

or readers

"till we meet again

:: Sayonara ::

Monday, November 9, 2009

~Ai no Kaze~

Not enough time

or wasting to much time

The 'tsubasa' will always be there

'Kaze' also help in calming the mind

Aka no Kakera

*what rubbish I'm crappy about?!*

Me myself didn't even know thou

Got a few day 'till my last exam = Academic Writing

not in the mood to study or to lazy


Spirit of the wind

be with me

My beloved one

Hug and kiss me

Even in your dream

Make me the first and the last of your love

*crappy again*

Stop it.... don't even think about that guy

You might (definitely) will dream about him in your sleep


Saturday, November 7, 2009

:: A Few(?) days without Exam ::


nothing to gain when doing nothing

but got to enjoy the things that I can't do

what the heck???

never mind about that

Spend the 'holiday' by watching anime

"Monochorome Factor"


"Natsume Yujinchou"


"The Mars Day Breaker -Wieder-"

-half finish-*eventhough the guys is all hansamu but bored kind of story*

"Ella Enchanted"

-just finish-



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

:: 1 week without ExAm ::


a week without exam

today got academic reading paper

sooooooooooooo cold

in Ktams

go out exactly at 10.45am right before the 'Ketua Pengawas'

say "Anda mempunyai 15 minit lagi sebelum masa tamat bagi kertas SK.....bla bla and bla...

heee........that 'Ketua Pengawas' = lady just look at me when I go out

What??? I get up from my seat just before you say the word right?

Cannot blame me....

My final paper is 12/11/09

That's mean

I got 1 week gap

what to do

what to do

what to do


watch anime


dream anime


sleep anime


everything anime



what to watch


tell you later........


ah...another thing..... why certain people (from my thinking) seems to or want to

avoid her/himself from me???

didnot reply the message

didnot respond to anyhing


yeah..seem so or just don't feel like meeting me or other people?

Don't make people misjudge you just like what they already did

Think about it a little

You can hide but you cannot run from the realiy of life

It will always hunt you 'till your last breath...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

:: Gravitation ::

In the Moonlight - Kotani Kinya

ORENJI iro tsukiyo ga kuruto kimi no koto o omoi dasu
kakko tsuketa ore no SERIFU wa hoka no dare kano SERIFU de

fui ni miageru SHIRUETTO kimi no yokogao o terashita
awai hikari wa ima demo

nani o matteru kimi wa inai heya
tokei dake ga ashi oto no youni nemurenai mune ni hibiku
ima mo matteru hitori tomatteru
futari mita anohi no tsuki o ima dokode kimi wa miteru

ore no shigusa manete waratta kimi no koe mo omoi dasu
kimi to aruku yoru no SHIIN wa ORENJI iro PHOTOGURAFU

kage ni otoshita uso to ore no wagamama o yurushita
kimi no namida ga ima demo

nani mo iwazuni toki wa nagareru
yagate kuru asa no hisashi ni tokeru youni sora ni kieru
saigo no yoru wa doko ni mo nakute
okizari no ore no kokoro o tsuki dake ga ima mo miteru

kimi o matteru tooi omoi demo
tokei dake ga ashi oto no youni nemurenai mune ni hibiku
ima mo matteru hitori tomatteru
futari mita anohi no tsuki o ima dokode kimi wa miteru

[English Tranlation]

When an orange-colored moonlit night comes, I think of you,
as though the chic affectations in my words were someone else's words.

Even now, (I can remember) the pale light
that illuminated your silhouette as you suddenly glanced up (at that night's

What is it I'm waiting for, in this room without you --
it's just the clock's ticking, but it resonates in my sleepless heart like
the sound of footsteps.
Even now I'm waiting; I stop here alone.
From where do you now see the moon we saw together on that day?

My behavior made a mimicry of laughter, even when I remember your voice.
The scene of the night when we walked around together is (now) an orange-colored

You forgave the lies that fell from the darkness and my selfishness,
but your tears, even now...

Without saying a word, time flows on;
the sky is extinguished by the light of the morning that's coming soon,
like it melts away.
On that last night, no matter where it is,
only the moon looks at my deserted heart even now.

I'll keep waiting for you, no matter how far apart we are --
it's just the clock's ticking, but it resonates in my sleepless heart like
the sound of footsteps.
Even now I'm waiting; I stop here alone.
From where do you now see the moon we saw together on that day?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

:: Just Don't ::

Some people says that I'm unapproacable kind of person

Some says that I'm talkative

Many says that I know what I want to do

Many says I'm a bit clueless

A lot say I'm cute (?)


judging a person just for their way of talking in front of you

does not make that person kind or better than your enemy

Don't judge people just because they share so-call same interest with you

because that person might someday stab you in the back

Do not fall just for the "sweet" words

You need to think better

Because you yourself call 'scholar'

But it is true that you are a scholar???

Did not come to class, did not do your assignments n yada yada yada...

You think you are better???

Think about it...

Don't put more fire in already overheating atmosphere

Don't act stupid

Don't make me angry with you for just the lame reason

I'm neutral

I will not back up anyone

I will not share the 'fight'


don't make an enemy out of me

because you don't know the real me

think again before you act

and that goes for me too

p/s: 1530 pm got exam but wth I still blogging?!

Monday, October 19, 2009

:: 100th posting = Besday ::

Happy Birthday to Me...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yup.... it fall on the same day of my besday the 100 posting...


It is okay if I buy a birthday cake for my own birthday celebration???

Thanks to all my friends who wish 'Happy Birthday' to me..

and two of my friends (cannot tell...hihihi) who give me presents and 'belanja' me dvd anime...


love you uolzzzz.......

Do I think I'm getting old???

Not sure...but still cute...hahahaha~

More mature???

Depends on the types of the things that matured in....

How about special someone????? comment about that...

Anyone who want to be my bf....msg me....

lalala~ *kidding*

A bit sad b'coz cannot celebrate my besday with my family....

Next Monday my dad n cousin besday....

so many people celebrate their besday in October yeah....


Saturday, October 17, 2009

:: Saturday Fever ::

it's not that I have a fever

it's just that I plan to


Pengurusan Emosi

{Emotion Management}

Japanese Language

finish a bit of Academic Reading presentation



enjoy the boring day

in my room


listening to all my favorite songs

the group that I will be addicted forever



UverWorld *currently addicted to Koishikute*

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

:: untitle ::

nothing much

just wanna tell that

I try to make my mind and body

focusing on my study

examination is around

playing not much can to to it

sleep, lack of it

study week....

got two presentations...

one presentation fall on my birthday


Sunday, October 11, 2009

:: As the coming moment ... ::

Yup, exam is just around the corner

just study a bit....

still not in the mood to study

when will in come???

well, I need to brace myself and start study bit by bit

SKBE 2113 Oral Comm Strategies No Final Exam

SKSE3143 Sejarah Peradaban Dunia 27/10/09 12.00 PM

ZZZT2253 Pengurusan Emosi 28/10/09 3.30 PM

SKVA2713 Bahasa Jepun Asas 1 3/11/09 8.30 AM

SKBE2943 Academic Reading 4/11/09 8.30 AM

SKBE2013 Academic Writing 12/11/09 3.30 PM

p/s : why writing paper da last paper..and the gap is 1 week???

Saturday, October 10, 2009

:: Happy Holiday ::

Happy? not really...right now I'm alone in by room~

Just got back from lunch with you-know-who ...hahaha~

Plan to study 'a bit' ....

Finish assignment 'a bit'

Do homework 'a bit'

Clean the room 'a bit'

Sleep.....a lot...hahaha~

That's all... and

Can't wait for my birthday on ............. hihihi~

finally will be 21 ~

Getting old??? can't tell.....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

:: Just say "No" if you can't make it ! ::

Why sometimes when people ask your favor about something you can't help but fall to that person words and help or accompany her/him?

If you can't make it, just say "I can't". That's all I need to hear.

And, if you received a message that asking your help or any kind of favor, reply it even it take 2 or 3 hours later for you to reply it. Do not make people live in uncertainty. Just reply it eventhough your answer is negative for that favor. JUST REPLY!!!

Thus, if you can't take up that promise or word or what-so-ever, just say "NO" with words that didn't hurt that person much. Learn to think what other people feelings for a bit, for god's sake...

Monday, October 5, 2009

:: Accidental Emotion ::

When I listen back to the song that I used to love in the past, suddenly the emotion started to sparks~ I feel sorry for the character because the one he love is the most egoist man that would not succumb to love because of the bad past that would always surround him.

I think, what happen if I'm in his place. What would I do to get the love and trust of the person I love? Am I strong enough to face the reality of life and love that full of adventures? Can I...?

It is not about love but the commitment that need to be given to make that love would always there eventhough sometimes people tend to ignore it.

Telling "I love you" is easy but do you really mean it when you say it? Is there the deep-love-emotion there is your heart?

Listen to the truth of your heart

It will guide you

with help from the God

p/s: a bit from what I want to talk in my Rhetorical Speech for Oral Comm Strategies test

Sunday, October 4, 2009

:: Upgrading Life ::

"Getting involved in something important that would certainly make us get in touch with other people is call relationship that created the bond that not easily broken eventhough we might didn't get the chance to meet again in the future. Getting in the circle of relationship need something call commitment that would help us in guiding the relationship into the next round or step. Talking to some-new-friend or old acquaintance need something call courage, if not the thing that we want to convey cannot be understand by the people or they might misinterpret it. Back stabbing your own friend who give their complete trust to you is just so mean. Is it just because you want the attention that you didnot get, you try to destroy other people life? Is your life not perfect enough that you want to make other people life that "follow your own pace" like a chaos? You got the face, the personality, the brain, the perfect special someone and the perfect family...what else you want...? someone else life that not-so perfect???"

"The fate of life would guide you to the truth of life that full of colours. It is you that can shape that colour whether to make it full of light or dark with hatred. It is in your own hand. I only help you my teach you how to control that big power in your body, in the end it is you...but you need to remember, you would lose your life because of that power. So, you need to use it wisely, don't use it just to help others but use it to help even you yourself...the Book of Fate says that the Chosen One from the past can only help the people she love by sacrificing half of the people she love including about you? can you change it? The fate...."

"so tell me tell me the reason why...
you break my heart...
and make me cry..."

"She make all of them like that....there is no way I can forgive her! She promise me that she would protect him no matter what! Now, look what happen?! I hate her 'till I see her become like that also...I hate her from the bottom of my heart, I hate her!!!"

"Become interested in someone is easy, but fall in love is like once in the life time, you need to treasure it the rest of you life."

"We promise you that we would protect you from any harm, so it is the moment right now. We did not regret it. So, just do the thing that most important to you...protect the one you love, just like what we are doing."

"Sacrificing your own life for someone you love is not a bad thing. It show how far we want to go just to show what we can or would do just to avoid the special someone get in danger. Telling others that you are fine, but the truth is you are bleeding inside...just didnot want others know that you actually weak inside and outside...but you try your best..just to make people around you happy and eventhough they hate you. It's okay, as long as you can make the life of the people you love full of happiness and they would always always always smile. It doesnot matter you would sacrifice your own happiness or your own life for their happiness."

"I did not belong here. I did not even qualify to be here. The only reason I'm here just because it is my fate to help them and it is my responsibility to bring back their smile that once lost because of the human greed itself. I myself cannot choose my own life and my happiness but at least I can choose how my life ends."

"She sacrifice her own body and soul just to change the fate...eventhough she did it, in the end...she will always be alone..just like the time when she come one would cry even when she it???!!!"

p/s: here is what I plan to put in y so-call-future novel...hahaha....not my life okay~

Thursday, October 1, 2009

:: till now ::

yup...ramadhan already it still syawal....month to celebrate the winning to fight all the bad deeds and wrong doing....
I don't fell like to post any story or pictures that telly or piccy about what happen during the sem break and Hari Raya holiday...just don't feel like it..maybe when I feel like it, I post it....
after the break...ALL the assignments says "Welcome we baby~" or something like that...hahaha~
quizzes also like's frustrating but not the assignment to blame me and myself because very very lazy and not in the mood to do all of it from the beginning...
tommorrow got rehearsal for rhatorical speech..I talk about LOVE....yup, something that I would never think about..daaa~ it never really happen in my almost 21st year of life...admiring people, yes but not fall in love...actually I'm not someone who can easily that guy is handsome or nice or sweet or anything but it just sometimes it slip out without notice...arrghh!!! what I'm babling about here!!! just talk about the assignments not my love life...!!!
a bit tension..a bit?'s actually very tension with all the assignments and quizess and uni life but life must go the fate of life, right?
when I start remembering about book or books, it is the 3rd time I forgot to return back the library book...overdue....maybe next time don't borrow anything la...~

here is the baju raya for this year....

pretty right? hahaha~

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

..:: Celebration :: Selamat Hari Raya ::..

Ramadan almost ends

Syawal is around the corner

together we celebrate the festival day

may our life full of happiness and joy

Sunday, September 13, 2009

..:: What L.O.V.E. means ::..

When people start to feel something or affection or soft feeling towards someone that makes their heart beating faster than usual. their body feel warm and feel some kind of beautiful feeling running through their's call..........

Yup,love does not mean towards a person or a human from the same or opposite has it's own variety that brings a humble towards family, friends, religion, nations, and nature have its own doing what make think about love. the feeling that we felt at that moment makes us stronger unconsciously and give a person strength to face the reality of life that full of drama that would certainly color their world with many experiences that make them learn about the human world.

Choose the right path while we in love is the most crucial thing....whether is will bring happiness or misery. The path of love is something that is choose by our own believe, the eternal happiness or eternal misery and grief. Love is not something that you can buy at the shop across the street or need to find it....learn from it....make it happen like it will always be there for the love for the Creater. He will be there always, help you, guide you, support you, show you the right path of seeking the light of truth and forgive for your wrong doing or sin as long as you know what you did is wrong.
find someone that would always be there for happy, in sad, in misery, in winning and every feeling that you feel...the person you love would always always always beside you...

Experiencing the feeling of love is not a sin but the path that you choose from the love itself is the one that would bring you the greatest happiness. Do not afraid to tell someone that you love what you feel about them, it's their choice whether to accept your feeling or rejected's not a sin to feel in love but it's a sin to make people become yours when you lying to them...back stabbing your friend to rule over their lover or drown yourself in the sea of sin~

Accept the feeling of love before it's to late to realise that someone beside you is the special someone that would bring eternal happiness to you...

p/s: what I wrote got nothing to do wit me..just some of the things that I want to say during rhetorical speech for my subject assignment...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

..:: When I fall in loVe with a CaKe ::..

the cake is Kek Batik with milo and coco

very very very yummy~


it also got heart shape deco~

very very very yummy~

I break my fast with this cake as a dessert


I eat alone..isk!

but the cake accompany me while reading Interval and facebooking and finishing my assignments~

Saturday, September 5, 2009

:: I can't choose ::

About an hour ago my classmate back in high school invited me to join him and his friends for 'berbuka puasa' next saturday. It's not like I don't wanna go but I feel a little bit akward in front of all his friends.. eventhough they all also UKM students but they ALL 3rd year students weh~ and as me myself already know (daaa...), he from FKAB and only some of them from FST and FEP~ it means only 3 flowers and about I don't know how many of guys~ what a laugh and nervousness~ yup~ iIm actually not really comfortable in front of a guy or guys eventhough they are my friends~ it's not really my style to spend whatever moment just the two or three or whatever number of us~ it's scary man! and and and ..........hah! I cannot say it...ok......I just tell~ it's make me go " what???!!!" yup yup might think I'm crazy~ what tha' h**l this girl thinking~ like she never been talking to guys before...but but but...i'm not use to it..yet~ yup yup yup...there used to be guys go gaga because of me~ but I just treat them as F.R.I.E.N.D.S nothing more nothing less~ okey, back to the main topic~ it's not like i'm afraid or whatever~ it's just just just it's scary sometimes to make new friends especially guys (in my context's of thinking) laa~ but....I think I'll go~ people already invited me ~ nothing I can say about it anymore and I already agree to it and maybe I can take advantages of this upcoming new friendship (not love)~ hahahaha~ and I miss to 'kacau kacau' my friends~ I like to scandalized h** ~ hehehe~ but I'm actually the type of person who would speak less in front of people I just know unless I feel some link or connection (not love) to them and then iIwould talk and talk and talk and make jokes that i think not really funny~

the 2nd topic is...why i to 'rajin' post a new posting in my blog??? because i'm tooooo lazy to finish all my assignments...hahaha....hope tonight i have the 'hidayah' to do it..even just half of it~ lalalala~


More Assignments !!!




got three days of holidays

right now

i try my best to finish up

japanese homework first

then other


would follow up


to life full of assignments

Thursday, September 3, 2009

:: Head Over Hell @ Heel ::


i'm totally 'in love'

will all my assignments

start with all the writing report that need to be hand in before

Raya Holiday



and it's Ramadhan time

tiring but it's all the challenge that I need to face this month

need to find Journals' articles

need to go to PTSL like....

more than once perweek


so 'rajin' of me

I wish good luck to my friends and me myself also

hang on guys!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

..:: Alone ::..


i spend

3 days of my holidays


in my room

doing nothing


half finishing all the assignment

watch movies and dramas

enjoy Independent's Day



Happy Independent's Day everyone

may God would always bless Malaysia

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm tired of the same ol' story

I hate people


make promises


didn't fullfill that promises

I hate people


didn't even know how to read a msg or text with care

I hate people


cannot arrived on time

I hate people

who think only them the only 1


got other commitment

I hate people


other persona in front of me


became the other persona

in front of someone else

Thinking of playing the same role everyday makes me tired of becoming human being

Eventhough lives full of happiness, joy, sadness, misery etc.,

no need to bark them as if you the only one in the word with problems

other people with unfortunate lives who does not even have health and wealth

is sadder than your events

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I don't really undrstand people

I don't really understand people

why must we became friends but at the time they betray you

why must people make a promise but in the end they broke it

why must people says that they are busy but at the same time I saw that they just hang out

doing nothing

why must they be in love but in the end they still alone

why must people say that they are alone but there are people out there more alone than them

why must make an enemy out of people but at the same time you the one who make a mistake

why must we need someone

why must we need love

why must sometimes we want a friends

why must sometimes we want to be alone

but people have there own way of thinking

hate to be hypocrite but at the same time you still doing it

this world is like a stage

we act on it

we ourselves color it

no one else


human are full of emotions

some we need to share

some we cannot share

some need to be told

some cannot be told


human is weak against emotion

just like guys weak against tears

girls weak against their lover confession

emotions need to be control

not emotions control us

and we became a human with no dignity

just talk about 'crap things'

but did not aware that what you saying

make people hate

make people want to vomit

make people forget

make people befriend you

just to use you

because they know that you good at something

they monopolize you

without you knowing it

in the end

no need to talk about people who take advantages of you

it just showing that

you are weak against promises

against sweet talk

against love

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nooooo Idea


is a

beautiful thing that woman love

they give people inspire

in life

in love

in memory

and in everything they do

Saturday, August 1, 2009

..:: Lazy ::..


too lazy to finished all my assignments n reports n homework


to lazy to hold the pen

to lazy to write anything


ain't got any ideas to write for the reports and all


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

new signature

The 4th week

yep, it's already the 4th week of my 2nd year in UKM as ELS student

tiring, yes, need to woke up early coz from Mon to Wed I got class as early as 8.00 am


when I get up from the bed...

arrghh, soooooo lazy.....

but need to

coz it's my duty as a student

learn new things everyday

experience new thing everyday

make new friends/enemies everyday (hahaha~)

yup, it's true

people might envy you for no reason at all

as for me...

there is nothing to envy of

it's the 'gift' that some1 have that make them different from others

it also depends on them whether they want to use it or not

we must use every method that we have around us

as long as it bring benefit to that particular person and it did not harm others

unless the purpose is to make others hate you..then yes

competition is important


if it is use wrongly,

it would make enemies out of people

don't try to make something that would always always always benefit just you

but sometimes we need to think about others too

what the use if you the only person who got the winning prize

but at the same time

you kill other people opportunity

i really hate people who do not understand the word

"follow the rules"

yes, rules is mean to be broken


there are many rules that cannot be broken just because that certain people have

a selfish instinct in them

it's call coward

if you need to follow the rules,

just follow it

no need to cheat to make your life easier

others know about what you doing is wrong

think about it


change it

Monday, July 27, 2009

..:: Hajimemashite ::..

watashi wa Izyan desu

johooru kara kimashita

doozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu

yup, that's half of what I've learn in my Japanese language class

*suppose to post it early lazy to type it...lalalala~*

wanna know the meaning????

hajimemashite : how are you/ this is the 1st time we meet

watashi wa Izyan desu : my name is Izyan

johooru kara kimashita : I came from Johor

doozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu : Nice to meet you

I had a difficulties in learning to write hiragana coz I'm not use to it...

but nowadays I get a hang of it coz I keep practising in how to write it and memories the words n in how to pronounce it...

I laso taking PB : Sejarah Peradaban Dunia....huhuhu~

when I got into the's all 3rd year...hohoho~

thank got they all a nice bunch of seniors....

need to get use to it eventually~

in the 1st my 1st assignment..haih~

a bit confusing in finding the section of all the history books are place in PTSL....

feel like shouting when I can't find it~

yeah...I need to get a hang of it...definetly ...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Home !!!!!

miss my home

going back today

will be here in UKM on sunday

coz I have Japanese class on Monday at 8.00 a.m

miss my mum foods

miss the cat

miss the scenery

miss all

but still got work to do


hope to enjoy a wonderful holiday even if it's only for 2 days

Monday, July 13, 2009

You're in My Heart

hajimete kimi wo mita ano hi kara
tada toki bakari ga sugite
ii kaketa mama no kotoba wa
kumoma e to kiete yuku yo

bukiyou na boku no kono yubisaki wa
itsuka kimi e to todoku no darou ka

you're in my heart
harisake sou na setsunasa nanka shiranakatta yo
i wanna stay together
dekiru naraba sugu ni aitai aitai everytime

kaze wo kanaderu you ni sono kami wo soyogase
kiniro no hikari atsumeru kimi no yokogao hanarenai yo

i wanna stay together
dekiru naraba sugu ni aitai aitai kimi ni

konna ni mo suki dayo

La Corda D'oro Second Passo

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yes Together

by Yasunori Iwasaki
anime Vandread 2nd Stage

Show me the way
Now moving step by step to the shine lights
I wanna see the scenery reflecting your eyes
Why do I think. I think of you?
I wonder why am I cry?
Closer I get to you. Baby you
Woe. I want to gaze the all of you

Let's tale a dream yes together
Everytime forever
Let's make a smile yes together
Everytime I support you
I'm believing in you
So you please don't lose your shine heart
When we'll work it out
Maybe I'll find it's truly love

Show me the love. I don't know that
Still I don't know that
But, feeling you inside of me. Yes. It's a miracle

An honest boy. You're a Naughty boy
Sometime. I worry about you
But. We've only just begun to live
Maybe. We can change and find the way

Let's tale a dream yes together
Everytime forever
Let's make a smile yes together
Everytime I support you
I'm believing in you
So you please don't lose your shine heart
When we'll work it out
Maybe I'll find it's truly love

Let's tale a dream yes together
Everytime forever
Let's make a smile yes together
Everytime I support you
I'm believing in you
So you please don't lose your shine heart
When we'll work it out
Maybe I'll find it's truly love

Thursday, July 9, 2009

So boreeeddd....

right now...


reading manga...

sleep a bit..


nothing to do...

but got many things to do...

too lazy to done it...

miss some1...

but to afraid to express it...

to afraid that it might cause chaos in life...

headache with everyday life...

feel like wanna to spend a month in isolated island alone...

enjoy myself with the nature...

or spend a night in a suite of really expensive 5 star hotel...

talk about rubbish...hehehe..

just dream that I could...

make it happen in the future...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Don't know...

Eventhough I got many many many to tell

but don't know where to start

don't know how to express it

don't know how

conclusion is...

I'm to lazy to write

Sunday, June 28, 2009

~MMP week~

It's MMP 2009/2010 week

very buzy week

not enough sleep n everything

wish us luck

Sunday, June 21, 2009

~ Happy Ayah Day ~

My Ayah ....

people always says that my dad looks young for his age...he almost 49 years old lor...( my mum also...)

born at my granny house : 26/10/1960

Kg. Chepor, Lenggong, Perak, Malaysia

works as a police officer (from his attire; he on the way to accompany the DSP or something to check the 'perbarisan')

he thinks about our family land here n there...

clean the house when his free from his schedule...n nag to me for not helping clean the house...

his hobby is playing golf....(we got many many many present from his tournament like hamper(s) n electrical stuff)...

like to hang out wit his friends at 'warong' till late at night...

did not care if he need to sacrifice his own time to accompany us (family) to go shopping or spend a holiday... ( last raya we visit our family friend a Terengganu n go to Majsid Kristal n spontaneously booked 2 rooms at 5 stars hotel at Kuala Terengganu, 1 for my mum n him, 1 for my siblings n me)

still drive his Volvo 850 fast...haih~


we LoVe ayah very much....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Color

Life is full of color

If it colorless

it because of the person themselves

that make their world colorless


colored your world with sweet moment

eventhough there might be a bitter moment in it

that would make u fall

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hubby to be...(I)

Guy who love cats...

Guy who give me flower (red rose more or less)...

Monday, June 15, 2009

To Be...

to be a winner

one need love

need sacrifice


everything that a person can give

to be a loser

one don't need to do anything

to make themselves miserable

to make their world upside down

to make other world in chaos


to became a balance person

who can be a winner and a loser

at a same time

need to have the courage

to face the world that full of act and lies

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I had fun today

watch Monster vs Alien

eat Nando's

buy new clothes and sandal

plan to watch the new anime dvd that I just bought

"Crystal Blaze" from the creator of "Mirage of Blaze"


but don't want to sleep


It's Time...

it's time to sleep, baby

wanna enjoy tomorrow


sweet dream


good night

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What is..

moments that is precious to you

you don't even want to let it go

even it might hurt you


kill you

you still get a grip of that moment

while walking, talking, sleeping and even dying

people who does not understand others

would hurt people around them

whether they did it to hurt you or make you hate

the world itself

the time that is precious to you

they stole it like a tiger trying to catch a running but weak 'food'

murderously with cruel in their eyes

people who would stole your moment for their own happiness

does not care if you

lying death on the street

they would laugh at you behind their back

as for

they finally get to make you

fall on your knees

for they feel that they a god

full of superior power

to ruin you

but the fall of them will soon come


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What if...

the world is in chaos

everything is useless

everything is missing

everything is miss place

everything is wrong

everything is nothing

everything is like an enemy


one thing for sure

just be what you want to be

do not make the rival beat you

even though they feel that they are the winning team

it's not the end of you

it's only the beginning of what we call

new experience that would shape you

to become a better person than your enemy

it's your heart and what you believe that makes you


Story of Today

It's not about how you colored it

it's about how to create the shape of life

that makes

the color unforgettable valuable


the most important is

being love



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's About...

it's about trying to survive in the heat of life that's make people behave as they are

it does not matter if the being selfish about it

as long as they get what they want

even if





love one


it's not about life or being selfish

it's about

trying to challenge the world


full of truth and lies


staying compose with life at stake

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Raining...'s raining outside of the room which I'm will (or not) for college activity....tired n want to sleep but don't feel like it the same time lorr...

Miss home already eventhough I got go back home for 2 weeks.....


remember one of Samurai X song's but can't recall the's involved rain..i think.....mayb I post the lyric later lah....need to find it 1st....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Homestay Endah Village

The cat that being 'buli' by all of of our 'keluarga angkat' cat...naughty to bite people......

My mum..Pn Rogayah n my Korean Buddy..Gabby~ n some of the scenery in da house....the dark looking pic actually in the car..on the way to eat our dinner....sate n nasi goreng hailam n ikan cencaru....yummy n spicey~

The cake that my mum made..yummy~ n cute ..... Nasi Lemak for breakfast....n satay for dad take me...

Me.....still learning how to take a good pictures..still cannot challange the way my 2nd younger brither in his skill of taking pictures..

The homestay program actually within 1 short....make kite n running on the field under the HOT sun..crazy's been so long I play a kite...since I'm in standard 6, I think laa...drink a pure made sugar a lot of's a pitty not Rambutan season yet....wanna eat rambutan.....mayb in another 2 months first Dr Tengku said that 'Tandas dkat luar ea.." but in my foster family house the toilet is inside n outside of the house include hot water also....waa~

I 've got to eat terung favourite....all my foster mum cooking is delicious just like my real mum cooking.....Kg Endah people..some of them is Jawanese....n have family relationship among them.....n it's a pitty also..I don't have the time to eat tempe goreng...big n tasty.... 3 for ABC....yummy~

Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Long

Da journey so far of staying in UKM for this holiday waitin' for the home stay programme this weekend....

Watching 'My Boss My Hero' n 'Zettai Kareshi or Abs0lute Boyfriend live action' n read as many as I can of ... manga...hahaha...... quite an interesting but boring schelude of the week....right?

I will not talk bout 'My Boss My Hero' coz.....the story/drama almost everyone knows bout it....lame....

Yeah.....Zettai Kareshi or in English, Absolute's actually taken from an manga writen by Watase Yuu ( I love all her work so far...) ...the live action is actually different from the real story line accept the characters name of course.... I'm not really good at writing a synopsis or review bout this drama..but for me...I like the manga better eventhough there are many sad events happen inj the the live action..emm...just bout regular human life in basically Japan movie..touch bout relationship, enviroment n everything....

The main characters of this drama are Riiko Izawa (Saki Aibu), Night Tenjou (Mokomichi Hayami), and Soushi Asamoto (Hiro Mizushima). I still didn't finish watch it thou...

Love Him >.< !!!

His name is Mokomichi as an actor n model. Date of birth is 10/8/1984. Height 184 cm (so tall...). I like him coz when he smile....kyaa >.< !!!! kawaii-ne....


Sunday, May 10, 2009


Presenting my parents....hehehe...

Why are they in formal suit/attire..that's bcoz when both of them take this pictures, they on their way in something bout Kursus Tamat Latihan Konstabel Tambahan..n my dad as da Pegawai Tatatertib in PULAPOL Muar....he had to attend it as one of the ketua platun or something like that....hehehe....

xde gambo lain k???? u will be asking or thinking..right???
hat's bcoz only this picture that I found among other pictures in my laptop....hee~
My family especially my mum is crazy bout taking pictures.....our house it full of framed pictures everywhere...when I got da chance 2 go home...n I show u later laa~

Why my hand look like that????
Hehehe...saje...wanna act cute....but didn't succeed...haih~

Da background of my parents pic is our 2nd home which is in Bakri, Muar.....small one....people call it 'luar setinggan dlm mcm banglo...' or 'pondok'......this so-call 'pondok' is nearer to my parents work place n my brother n sister school which also my old school...ngehh...
so...we stay there lah..only on weekends we go 2 da 1st house in Bukit Pasir.....

Bout my brothers n little sis pictures...em...myb later lah....their pictures in my laptop not so ..... lah...heeee~

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Updated Blog


Welcome to my blog wit da new skin n gadgets....hehehe.....
I like da background actually..that's why I changed it to da new one...

I will show da new/old me.....

It's not that I will changed what I will post or whatsoever...


sometimes between da post that touch da story of my life..I would post bout da things that I like....things that I would write (short stories. novel..malay of course) i n the posting....

just wanna 2 share what I want to do n things that I like 2 do....

it's holiday time....but I STILL in UKM..haih~
got home stay program under PBBL.....can't go home..warrgh >.Maybe if nothing happen I can go home on 19th of May...n be back to Zaba on 29/5...hehehe....
no holiday 4 me n others who spend their holiday in UKM....congratz to us....

I'm alone in my soon-to-be old room....a bit creepy but...nothing I can do bout a new room 2morrow....nest sem will be staying at the same block but different room ..if I not mistaken it's C2... hehehe..cannot's a secret....kihkihkih....

If da viewers/viditors is curious bout all da pictures that I put's all bcoz it's all bout my favourite pic(s).....I don't want to put up my pic actually but.....people might not know who post it unless the viewer is some1 who close to me.....yankuchiki..hahaha...

till we meet again.....

wanna read the new manga that I just of my friend... prepared wit ur pendrive/harddisk...hehehe...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Don't know laa... ~.~

For d past week many many many activities that I already done n about....but.....I don't really know how 2 express it into words....

Exam(s) n sleeping n tour around kl....

Yesterday I go to Kl wit new friends....go from 10.30 am till 10.30 record....
Tired but havin' fun......feel like sardine when we had to enter da train that SO full of people...n it a bit sad coz we didn't have enough time 2 watch Bohsia at Mines coz it already 9 pm when we got there....

They are crazy people like me...tee hee~ wit my shy-naughty-crazy highschool classmate that 'bagging' me to to follow them also coz he said that he not really familiar wit the girls n shy around them....liar....hahaha~

Da girls asking me all bout my FKjut friend good n bad behavior....I of course, told them bout how naughty my friend is back in highschool....hahaha....good for him....bad for me coz he 'merajuk' after that.....cehh..not gentlemen at all....

All of them are 2nd year from Fac Kjut, Fst n Fep...I'm da only 1st year..hahaha...nver mind..I did learn new formula in how to handle people who always bugging other people privacy...

Da weird part is when da girl said that my friend talkative this time around coz in da pass when they go out...he always sooo quiet n follow them like obedient slave....don't know laa....

My dad just send me lunch..Kfc again..haih~ 2 days in a row.... chicken again....

Sunday, April 26, 2009


When I read/study Hbngan Etnik Notes..all of sudden I feel like I want to talk to my family.. miss them..the last time I meet them it was like...1 n half month ago...many things happen during that period of time....

My dad had to work at Kedah again will be back next month I think.... I feel sad coz my mum have to take care of things on her younger sister in MRSM already... 2nd brother will go to KMJ n just my 3rd brother at home...with 2 houses need to take care of.... all the bills....everything to say...

I miss all of them..when I call them..ah...'ok...dorg ok...' but pitied my mum the most.... when I talk to her last week on the phone she felt frustrated bcoz have to handle my brother registration..take care of the the father....somehow I felt glad also that both my brother help mum here n there....thanks guys even though they sometimes piss me off...hehe...

I can't say went I can go back home actually...everything come 1 by 1 to me.... it's tired, yes but it's my responsibility as a daughter, student, friend, n part of UKM do what I want n what I already take as my responsibility...

Sometimes I fell that I can't take it anymore...felt like scream my heart out....but I just keep it locked in my heart bcoz I know n I think I can n must think hard n calm what to do next eventhough sometimes I just do what I want to do ...just in the blink of an eye..I did it!

Still not mature....huh?

Arrgh!!! just wanna go home but I can't bcoz my dad already advise me to focus on my exam... mayb I will check again my schedule whether there are time for me to go back home even if 4 a day...

2morrow got exam...still another 2 topic need to cover haih~

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today's Menu ^.^v

D motif of da pic is bxoz I'm sleepy all day...

N da guy look cute 2 tee hee~

Study HE make me arrghh!!! so...tawaf almost every part of UKM n at 4 pm, my stomach say "I'm hungry! give me food !" so I'm hunting 4 food my twin (Izyan) to take d photpcopy of old HE exam paper..n secret..kihkihkih....some1 surely will be mad at me..don't care if they d only 1 can tell d world bout what they feel....cehh....

Actually, I'm planning 2 go to pasar mlm stomach can't wait so....

Big News here eventhough it's already 'basi';

::My obnoxious brother got into KMJ :: ....register at 11/5 if I'm not mistaken...warrgh!! cannot go back...wanna follow my parent send him to KMJ too!!!

Don't feel like studying right now... don't know why... d mood 2 study just 'poff!' disapppear just like that a few hours's all bcoz of that incident laa....huh..spoil my mood jew... Nver mind lor....better watch something else for e.g. anime or ...

p/s : thanks again my 'twin' 4 da help....n actually I want 2 put more pictures in this post but....mayb later lor...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Feeling Right Now...

Both are my feeling right now....just that..some1 really really pissed me off... who that person really think he/she is? hahh? Just bcoz I (we) need his/her help...turn a mean face at ****~~~

It's his/her job also laa...take responsibility lor....tired other things to do lor...sick lor...exam lor...this n that..what?!others also got things to do's exam week..what do u expect??? "kesian' laa at others who would sacrifice their tyme to finish their job that they already promise to do...but what about that person???

Really really really hate these situations....

Make me don't want 2 study at the mere moment I saw his/her ....arrgh!!!!!

Nver mind lar...I can forgive but nver will be a lesson 4 me in d future...nver trust others who would surely take andantages of ur weakness...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hyper Active Moment...

Dis morning my 1st exam is SIC.....during d exam.....emm...
I blurr 4 a few minutes..coz thinking n recalling d things that I already learn during 2torial class n use it as a guide line 2 answer d paper....
D lecturer just look at my blurry face n smile n I smile back at her.....
N I (we) also pass d assignment paper 2 her.....thank god it's already finish...

After lunch..doze off for a few tired.....
A few of my friend ym (msn) me but...well I fall can I answer their their prob or question, right?
Sorry my friends.....

Dinner at Old Town White Coffee....all types of story we talk about..from Hari Raya Haji 2 ghost story....d waiters (mayb) thinking...'ble la bdk2 nie nak klua..dr td dok berbual2..mkanan dah abis'...ehh..we are d costumer's up 2 us la nk duk spai pkul brape....huhu..

My body still feel hyper active coz I drink Ice Blended Hazulnut ....mayb my body can't take that type of drink kot...emm....
sleepy but not sleepy at d same moment...
study lor.....ketrampilan exam on Wednesday....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Headache Moment!!!

Yeah..headache moment.....
Don't know what 2 read or study anymore....arrgh!!!
On Monday got SIC (only ELS student know what is it)...
Cannot wait till d exam is finish....huhuhu..
As some of my friends says..good luck n gambatte..(don't want 2 publish their name coz afraid d other will fell offended if I didn't put their name)...
Even all Korean buddy encourage me in my exam..(special case...tee hee~)

Need 2 study more n more n more...!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

nak ckp malay...

(motif ltak gambo mao???)


dah kne komen ngan membr nape speaking...n grammar pun de slah....
cehh....dh blog jew....(xleh....still bhasa, x gne ambik ELS)...
I pnye ske arr...warrgh...
tinggal brape ari lg minggu ulangkaji....stady pun...emm...bku yg sme jew...
bce bnde yg sme....kalo fail nty..x tau ar....
ketrampiln...x u/kaji lg..hnya hdap cover dpn nota 2 jew..huahuahua...
ohhhh...lpe nak ambik nota dr senior thn 3 psal 'language & ICT'....nty ar...kalo rjin pnjat C1...bkan jauh pun....sblah jew...siap bleh nmpak lg blik senior 2...
bgun pagi bkannye nk bkak buku dlu....tenet dlu....facebook (muka buku) dlu..lyan si Caryn..race skit...check e-mel....komen kt Cr...blablabla...bru hdap bku...hihihi..
riso gler ngan markah language n ICT nie...dah ar ari pembntangan slah sbut name pensyarah...arrgh!!!

n rindu mskan mak...dh lme x blik....skill memasak pun x tau ar de lg k x??? dlu blik ok lgi...
rindu nk mkan 'cempelung' resepi keluarga....jpe moto ku..ehh....kt luo je moto 2....dah spai...yea!!! ngan sticker polisnye...huhuhu...ayah x kasi tnggal....nak mkn nsi lemak yg mak msak!!!! wuawuawua!!!indu umahh..nk xleh...bln 5 bru bleh blik....nie sume psal "Korean Buddy System" 2 arr....kne stay back kt kolej...

sok kalo rjin nak gi pbbl @ ptsl...x tau nk wat pe..kempunan nk mkn mcd arr.....ble nak gi ea?
emm...pkul 2 pg kot?nk ajak sape??? org yg de kete ar....

ari 2 sepupu yg kt UsM add kt ym...nme zrul slam...igatkn sape arr....die rupenye...tgah priksa akhir pun sempt kaco org..
huhuhu....nk u/kaji ketramplan plak....tata...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

:: Reading Mode ::

Now...I'm on a reading mode...
maybe no posting will be made during study week...
A lot of topic/subject need 2 revise n an appointment wit lecturers next week.. n listen 2 d same song's from d time I wake up till I fall asleep...

..:: Exam Time Table ::..

Here are my examination time table...

SKBE1023 STRUCTURES IN CONTEXT - 20/4/2009 - 9.00 AM - DKBA
ZZZT1043 HUBUNGAN ETNIK - 27/4/2009 - 3.30 PM - DECTAR

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Here is some of candide pictures I took while resting at DKBA in Pbbl after lunch.... enjoy...
D korean friends...Yong, Jake and....I don't remember his name...

D koreans friends; Gaverielle, Amy, K-Dee and Kelly...
Act cute...Evon...
D monsters; Davin n Khai.....
(p/s : Davin act 'shy')
Lan....d gentleman (?).....
My friends....naughty guys...
There actually 9 of them..but Rossa n Ian....not there....

Friday, April 3, 2009

We meet again....

Wee hee~

Monday ; after class go to KLIA to fetch Korean Student from Woo Soong University, Seoul
a bit tired..need to speak english bit by bit.if not..they would not understand....haih~

Tuesday; take d Korean student 2 Pbbl 4 their orientation...buz coz hav 2 go 2 fac at 12 4 ktrampilan tuto....1.00 p.m. need 2 go back 2 pbbl 4 SIC quiz (did not read anything) 5 take d korean student 2 kajang 4 shopping.... eat satay kajang..they treat us eventhough d price above rm 100...we (my friends n me) feel guilty bout it.....coz they d one treat us.....we d one who suppose 2 treat them....warrgh....

Wednesday; rilex day....hua hua hua....we let d korean student go 2 class by themselves coz I hav 2 prepared 4 Etnik presentation in d evening.....

Thursday ; after class at 12 p.m., go 2 ktamz besides pbbl 4 lunch wit d korean student...

My buddy Gavrielle (Hwang Yu Sun) look cute!!!

Friday; all of us plan 2 take them 4 sight seeing .....still not confirm yet....

Planned to: take them to Mid Valley (saturday)
to swim at Danau
China Town n Petaling Street

Friday, March 27, 2009

What I want to do today...


-Wash all my clothes...
-Finish up SIC assignment...
-Finish up Hbngan Etnik Assignment...
-Post half of 5th posting 4 Language & ICT
-Watch 1 or 2 dvd that I already bought
-Read manga/ watch anime especially Kuroshitsuji ep 23...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009


I woke up this morning n go 2 class earlier than usual just 2 get d internet connection..but crap connectivity till it's 8.30 a.m. none of my friend came up...cehh...

D lecture 4 my language & ICT compliment me in d class....wa...scary ma.....afraid that when someone says that I'm does not mean that I'm good thou...

Learn 'bout noun phrase n what-so-ever in SIC class.....headache even though I did learn it last sem...emm...

I almost fall asleep in Written Comm class..almost....even d lecturer voice quite loud....I still feel sleepy....bed time ma....tired also...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

In Da Morning...

But I need 2 finish half of my blog posting 4 Language & ICT....
But it's very hard 2 find d data on online database....need 2 search information in Lisa Net n EBSCOHOST...haih~
Need 2 work hard on that.....
One of my friend go 'pleasuring' herself n didn't even invite me yesterday....
What???? I'm not fit 2 it? Cehhh.....
Fill like arrghh!!!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Picture Time...

One of the favorite anime ...

End of the Day

Dis morning got SIC class..but guess what? the lecture hav a meeting n d class only start at 11.15 even though it actually start at 10 a.m. haih~
After class....finish my written comm till 3.30 p.m....
Submit it at 5 p.m....great right???
Eat Yee Mee Kungfu at Kajang near Metro Point....quite delicious......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I hav edited my blog..... ok ... I guess
But it's a bit difficult coz d old gadget n data had been lost...(cry)
Hav 2 created it back....
Waste of time la...


Just woke up 4 d 2nd time....want 2 sleep again!!!!
But I hav many things 2 finish lazy 2 do it also got....
Still decide 'to do' or 'not to do'....

Monday, March 16, 2009


2day.....after written comm class, my friend n me go to watch "Race to Witch Mountin" gk ar....

Finally.....I got my dinner clothes eventhough I would surely know that many people go gAga when they see me....hehehe....

Sleepy but want 2 finish my assignment for Information & ICT..warrrgh....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What to do if....

Huhu...what would u do if someone invite u 2 spend a weekend with just HIM in a penthouse?
Scary but exciting isn't?
4 depends whether the man/boy is handsome, cute, kind, rich n could b trusted (important)...
He just call me....arrgh!!!!
Still not decide what 2 answer.....just say that I hav things 2 do...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today's News

Got quizzes this morning...
Don't know la...if the result is okey or not...
Sleepy as usual in TMSS class..I think d lecture notice it..but do I care?!

2day..I easily got hungry...don't know why....
Aftr class eat again n lepak2 wit friends....
At 3 go 2 Nabari no Ou 2nd part n Game!!!!

Tata 4 now coz got nothing 2 say ar....
Here another pictures...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Gothic Images..just want make my blog colourful....

What is That???

Managing time....em..
Nah, not time managing like tornado....
Went I feel like 2 go somewhere..I just go...
Things I want 2 do...just do it...

2day's report: nothing much as usual; stressful n more stressful...
What do people always think about themselves eventhough d things that we or she/he need 2 do is in emergency conditions like assignment that need 2 hand in by Friday n TWO quiz 2morrow....
Can even spend a little time with friends? Busy la sgt....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Suicides Love Story


Long time no see/write....
The title ? Saje2 write that....
It's a song title actually by Nana Kitade from anime Persona Trinity Soul teehee~

Suicide???? No, I did think d consequence of it, but nah....mayb another life timelah...
If there is...hehehe...

Go back time to study (plenty of time actually).... watch Gokusen!!!!!!
Funny n crazy n lot of (mayb) fighting.....the guys sometimes handsome sometimes NOT!!!

After class eat at Old Town White's like my 'port' 2 eat if I'm bored with college food...been thinking of eat canai actually but nver mind...the food delicious too...

Frustration as high as Everest mountain in Written Comm class....arrggh!!!!!
What does d lecturer want actually? Every essay that we do....not up 2 her standard....ceh!!!
Give already....but bcoz of want 2 get a better marks, fine!!!!

SIC quiz????? no future I think....haih~

Now....thinking what 2 post for SKBP 1023 posting....