Saturday, September 5, 2009

:: I can't choose ::

About an hour ago my classmate back in high school invited me to join him and his friends for 'berbuka puasa' next saturday. It's not like I don't wanna go but I feel a little bit akward in front of all his friends.. eventhough they all also UKM students but they ALL 3rd year students weh~ and as me myself already know (daaa...), he from FKAB and only some of them from FST and FEP~ it means only 3 flowers and about I don't know how many of guys~ what a laugh and nervousness~ yup~ iIm actually not really comfortable in front of a guy or guys eventhough they are my friends~ it's not really my style to spend whatever moment just the two or three or whatever number of us~ it's scary man! and and and ..........hah! I cannot say it...ok......I just tell~ it's make me go " what???!!!" yup yup might think I'm crazy~ what tha' h**l this girl thinking~ like she never been talking to guys before...but but but...i'm not use to it..yet~ yup yup yup...there used to be guys go gaga because of me~ but I just treat them as F.R.I.E.N.D.S nothing more nothing less~ okey, back to the main topic~ it's not like i'm afraid or whatever~ it's just just just it's scary sometimes to make new friends especially guys (in my context's of thinking) laa~ but....I think I'll go~ people already invited me ~ nothing I can say about it anymore and I already agree to it and maybe I can take advantages of this upcoming new friendship (not love)~ hahahaha~ and I miss to 'kacau kacau' my friends~ I like to scandalized h** ~ hehehe~ but I'm actually the type of person who would speak less in front of people I just know unless I feel some link or connection (not love) to them and then iIwould talk and talk and talk and make jokes that i think not really funny~

the 2nd topic is...why i to 'rajin' post a new posting in my blog??? because i'm tooooo lazy to finish all my assignments...hahaha....hope tonight i have the 'hidayah' to do it..even just half of it~ lalalala~


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