Monday, December 28, 2009

::Reality of Life::

When we take about life, it about the things that we do everyday. The relationship between human. It does not matter if the know each other or not. It just the bond that being created together. We talk. We smile. We cry. We eat. It's all life. The stage of life will never ends even if that person dissappear from this world. Death. There always someone else being borned and start anew circle of life. Experiences the ups and down of the world. Full of everything. Sweet. Bitter. Love. Betrayal. Getting know people. The so-call human. With different face and characters. Honest. Liar. Kind. Selfish. Humble. Hypocrite. The spice of the world call life.

The air we breath is the same. Oxygen. It does not matter where you are standing. Just the quality of the oxygen different. Human is the same. Even if they need to sacrifice something important in their life, they still do it. For the sake of the the person they care about. Sacrifice and let go of everything that they achieve. For the happiness. That is one of the wonderful trait in human vein.

Sometimes human cannot understand other human being unless they said what in their mind clearly. Then, others can understand what they want or do not want. Sometimes, things cannot be told just like that. It need to be keep in the mind. As a secret. But, that person who hurt you need to understand other feeling also before making or push others to understand you. Learn to respect others. Learn how to stand on your own feet. Learn the reality of life. Yes, we can do things by our own pace but there is a limit to that. Do not make an enemy out of people. Try to avoid it. Do not feel proud of what you have now. It not always stay the same. Change the way you present yourself.

As a human being that is weak against temptation, we need to stand up to our own decision. Do not make other influence you to do things that against your nature. The way of your upbringing. Do not forget your root. Remember it. Even if you make a mistake, take it as a lesson. Learn from it. Make it as something valuable in your life.

Lastly, stop for a minute to listen carefully to other people request. Do not make everything that you hear is negative. Try to fulfill the request as best as you can. If you cannot help, reject it politely. Try you best to not the other person feeling as best as possible. You cannot make people follow your every command when you just reject their request harshly. You can have their help but do not expect for their respect.

It will be a reminder to myself also.

The end.

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is there any particular alien u r referring this posting to???