Tuesday, January 18, 2011

:: Status Famous Amos *bukan chocolate ::

femes 1st

talk bout old times

femes 2nd

talk bout skool life *ancient times

femes 3rd

talk bout camwhore *wt heck dat terms came from??? language is the wonder of the world lah!

femes 4th

talk bout LOVE 8boring *cis, ko tu single! shut up laa!

femes 5th

talk bout FOODS!!!! *i loike *first tyme use the word 'loike' lame....

femes 6th

talk bout people we hate or like or want to die errr.....

femes 7th

talk bout current fames issues e.g. politic, artist, gossip blablablablabla....

femes 8th

talk bout religion or the Conspiracy * I like.. history also 8wander why i love history sooo much...

femes 9th

talk bout everyday life..like wake up....xcited events, not-so-xcited events

femes 10th

rubbish post.. like m3!!!!!!

p/s: language totally out..again =.=''

p/s: I hate backstabbing.... feel like stabbing myself also for hating others =.=''