Wednesday, October 28, 2009

:: Just Don't ::

Some people says that I'm unapproacable kind of person

Some says that I'm talkative

Many says that I know what I want to do

Many says I'm a bit clueless

A lot say I'm cute (?)


judging a person just for their way of talking in front of you

does not make that person kind or better than your enemy

Don't judge people just because they share so-call same interest with you

because that person might someday stab you in the back

Do not fall just for the "sweet" words

You need to think better

Because you yourself call 'scholar'

But it is true that you are a scholar???

Did not come to class, did not do your assignments n yada yada yada...

You think you are better???

Think about it...

Don't put more fire in already overheating atmosphere

Don't act stupid

Don't make me angry with you for just the lame reason

I'm neutral

I will not back up anyone

I will not share the 'fight'


don't make an enemy out of me

because you don't know the real me

think again before you act

and that goes for me too

p/s: 1530 pm got exam but wth I still blogging?!


fiD said...

enemy is frenz,, llOLolol

yAnKuchIki said... helps to color the world Xp