Thursday, June 4, 2009

What is..

moments that is precious to you

you don't even want to let it go

even it might hurt you


kill you

you still get a grip of that moment

while walking, talking, sleeping and even dying

people who does not understand others

would hurt people around them

whether they did it to hurt you or make you hate

the world itself

the time that is precious to you

they stole it like a tiger trying to catch a running but weak 'food'

murderously with cruel in their eyes

people who would stole your moment for their own happiness

does not care if you

lying death on the street

they would laugh at you behind their back

as for

they finally get to make you

fall on your knees

for they feel that they a god

full of superior power

to ruin you

but the fall of them will soon come


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