Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The 4th week

yep, it's already the 4th week of my 2nd year in UKM as ELS student

tiring, yes, need to woke up early coz from Mon to Wed I got class as early as 8.00 am


when I get up from the bed...

arrghh, soooooo lazy.....

but need to

coz it's my duty as a student

learn new things everyday

experience new thing everyday

make new friends/enemies everyday (hahaha~)

yup, it's true

people might envy you for no reason at all

as for me...

there is nothing to envy of

it's the 'gift' that some1 have that make them different from others

it also depends on them whether they want to use it or not

we must use every method that we have around us

as long as it bring benefit to that particular person and it did not harm others

unless the purpose is to make others hate you..then yes

competition is important


if it is use wrongly,

it would make enemies out of people

don't try to make something that would always always always benefit just you

but sometimes we need to think about others too

what the use if you the only person who got the winning prize

but at the same time

you kill other people opportunity

i really hate people who do not understand the word

"follow the rules"

yes, rules is mean to be broken


there are many rules that cannot be broken just because that certain people have

a selfish instinct in them

it's call coward

if you need to follow the rules,

just follow it

no need to cheat to make your life easier

others know about what you doing is wrong

think about it


change it

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