Wednesday, November 4, 2009

:: 1 week without ExAm ::


a week without exam

today got academic reading paper

sooooooooooooo cold

in Ktams

go out exactly at 10.45am right before the 'Ketua Pengawas'

say "Anda mempunyai 15 minit lagi sebelum masa tamat bagi kertas SK.....bla bla and bla...

heee........that 'Ketua Pengawas' = lady just look at me when I go out

What??? I get up from my seat just before you say the word right?

Cannot blame me....

My final paper is 12/11/09

That's mean

I got 1 week gap

what to do

what to do

what to do


watch anime


dream anime


sleep anime


everything anime



what to watch


tell you later........


ah...another thing..... why certain people (from my thinking) seems to or want to

avoid her/himself from me???

didnot reply the message

didnot respond to anyhing


yeah..seem so or just don't feel like meeting me or other people?

Don't make people misjudge you just like what they already did

Think about it a little

You can hide but you cannot run from the realiy of life

It will always hunt you 'till your last breath...

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