Tuesday, January 12, 2010

:: Good Time ::

Enjoying life is not a sin

But there is a limit to that

It goes as same as me

Yesterday (Sunday)

Spend enjoy and happy and laugh and 'hate'

at Midvalley

Even though I'm not a Bowling person..

it's fun watching the old + new friends boiling their bowling <3

Eat lunch together 'till crying = to much laughing

eat McD's ice cream in front of Isetan entrance at The Gardens

*we buy the ice cream at McD's Midvalley*

cannot 'enjoy' the KTM ride 'cause it's full

*I respect laaaa France woman <3*

go to the Chocolate Fair at Mid

*almost had a headache 'cause smell toooo much of chocolate*

Enjoy the stupid jokes

*makan dari air liur suami itu berkat*


Thanks for the friendship that we shared even though it only last when we in university life


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