Sunday, May 17, 2009

Homestay Endah Village

The cat that being 'buli' by all of of our 'keluarga angkat' cat...naughty to bite people......

My mum..Pn Rogayah n my Korean Buddy..Gabby~ n some of the scenery in da house....the dark looking pic actually in the car..on the way to eat our dinner....sate n nasi goreng hailam n ikan cencaru....yummy n spicey~

The cake that my mum made..yummy~ n cute ..... Nasi Lemak for breakfast....n satay for dad take me...

Me.....still learning how to take a good pictures..still cannot challange the way my 2nd younger brither in his skill of taking pictures..

The homestay program actually within 1 short....make kite n running on the field under the HOT sun..crazy's been so long I play a kite...since I'm in standard 6, I think laa...drink a pure made sugar a lot of's a pitty not Rambutan season yet....wanna eat rambutan.....mayb in another 2 months first Dr Tengku said that 'Tandas dkat luar ea.." but in my foster family house the toilet is inside n outside of the house include hot water also....waa~

I 've got to eat terung favourite....all my foster mum cooking is delicious just like my real mum cooking.....Kg Endah people..some of them is Jawanese....n have family relationship among them.....n it's a pitty also..I don't have the time to eat tempe goreng...big n tasty.... 3 for ABC....yummy~

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LeEnA de CostA^^ said...

ceh~org jawa sekerat cici loro telu je. jadilah. huahahahaha~=))
sapela yg main lari2 ari2 yek??huhu..
btw ak masih di ukm ni. huhu...20/5/09-venue zaba kafe.