Monday, October 5, 2009

:: Accidental Emotion ::

When I listen back to the song that I used to love in the past, suddenly the emotion started to sparks~ I feel sorry for the character because the one he love is the most egoist man that would not succumb to love because of the bad past that would always surround him.

I think, what happen if I'm in his place. What would I do to get the love and trust of the person I love? Am I strong enough to face the reality of life and love that full of adventures? Can I...?

It is not about love but the commitment that need to be given to make that love would always there eventhough sometimes people tend to ignore it.

Telling "I love you" is easy but do you really mean it when you say it? Is there the deep-love-emotion there is your heart?

Listen to the truth of your heart

It will guide you

with help from the God

p/s: a bit from what I want to talk in my Rhetorical Speech for Oral Comm Strategies test

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