Sunday, October 4, 2009

:: Upgrading Life ::

"Getting involved in something important that would certainly make us get in touch with other people is call relationship that created the bond that not easily broken eventhough we might didn't get the chance to meet again in the future. Getting in the circle of relationship need something call commitment that would help us in guiding the relationship into the next round or step. Talking to some-new-friend or old acquaintance need something call courage, if not the thing that we want to convey cannot be understand by the people or they might misinterpret it. Back stabbing your own friend who give their complete trust to you is just so mean. Is it just because you want the attention that you didnot get, you try to destroy other people life? Is your life not perfect enough that you want to make other people life that "follow your own pace" like a chaos? You got the face, the personality, the brain, the perfect special someone and the perfect family...what else you want...? someone else life that not-so perfect???"

"The fate of life would guide you to the truth of life that full of colours. It is you that can shape that colour whether to make it full of light or dark with hatred. It is in your own hand. I only help you my teach you how to control that big power in your body, in the end it is you...but you need to remember, you would lose your life because of that power. So, you need to use it wisely, don't use it just to help others but use it to help even you yourself...the Book of Fate says that the Chosen One from the past can only help the people she love by sacrificing half of the people she love including about you? can you change it? The fate...."

"so tell me tell me the reason why...
you break my heart...
and make me cry..."

"She make all of them like that....there is no way I can forgive her! She promise me that she would protect him no matter what! Now, look what happen?! I hate her 'till I see her become like that also...I hate her from the bottom of my heart, I hate her!!!"

"Become interested in someone is easy, but fall in love is like once in the life time, you need to treasure it the rest of you life."

"We promise you that we would protect you from any harm, so it is the moment right now. We did not regret it. So, just do the thing that most important to you...protect the one you love, just like what we are doing."

"Sacrificing your own life for someone you love is not a bad thing. It show how far we want to go just to show what we can or would do just to avoid the special someone get in danger. Telling others that you are fine, but the truth is you are bleeding inside...just didnot want others know that you actually weak inside and outside...but you try your best..just to make people around you happy and eventhough they hate you. It's okay, as long as you can make the life of the people you love full of happiness and they would always always always smile. It doesnot matter you would sacrifice your own happiness or your own life for their happiness."

"I did not belong here. I did not even qualify to be here. The only reason I'm here just because it is my fate to help them and it is my responsibility to bring back their smile that once lost because of the human greed itself. I myself cannot choose my own life and my happiness but at least I can choose how my life ends."

"She sacrifice her own body and soul just to change the fate...eventhough she did it, in the end...she will always be alone..just like the time when she come one would cry even when she it???!!!"

p/s: here is what I plan to put in y so-call-future novel...hahaha....not my life okay~

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