Sunday, October 11, 2009

:: As the coming moment ... ::

Yup, exam is just around the corner

just study a bit....

still not in the mood to study

when will in come???

well, I need to brace myself and start study bit by bit

SKBE 2113 Oral Comm Strategies No Final Exam

SKSE3143 Sejarah Peradaban Dunia 27/10/09 12.00 PM

ZZZT2253 Pengurusan Emosi 28/10/09 3.30 PM

SKVA2713 Bahasa Jepun Asas 1 3/11/09 8.30 AM

SKBE2943 Academic Reading 4/11/09 8.30 AM

SKBE2013 Academic Writing 12/11/09 3.30 PM

p/s : why writing paper da last paper..and the gap is 1 week???

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